Switchboards Upgrades

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Switchboards Upgrades

If the electricity flickers when you turn an appliance off and on or more often than before, there could be a problem with your switchboard. It may either be faulty or aging and cannot keep up with your electrical consumption. This is common in older properties where wires and switchboards do not meet the current safety standards.

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Save $100 on All Switchboard Upgrades

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Does My Switchboard Need an Upgrade?

If you notice any of these signs, it could mean that your electrical switchboard needs an upgrade.

  • The switchboard is exposed after a repair or renovation job
  • The switchboard is over 10-15 years old, which means it may not comply with today’s safety standards
  • The fuse trips every time an appliance is switched on


If you think you could benefit from a switchboard upgrade, call the professionals at Ramp Electrical today.

Your Safety First at Ramp Electrical

Switchboards today come with these safety switches and circuit breakers – designed to break down when there is an overflow of electricity through the circuit. You can easily reset them yourself, while eliminating potential safety risks to everyone in your household.

All Ramp Electrical electricians are highly skilled, licensed and insured. We offer prompt and reliable service for your switchboard upgrade. With 12 years of experience in the electrical industry, we can solve any switchboard problem to keep you and your family safe and satisfied.

We can easily upgrade and repair existing switchboards. We will also give you a Certificate of Compliance, so you know that your work is aligned with local safety codes and regulations.

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