Air Conditioning Installation

At Ramp Electrical, we can install split system air conditioners in any room in your home. We will assess the right walls for both indoor and outdoor units. We can also provide professional guidance to help you make the best location choice that maximises cooling and functionality. In addition, we can upgrade or repair your existing air conditioners.

Some of our services include –

  • Sizing and placement to maximise performance in winter and summer.
  • Single and multi-split air conditioner installation capability.
  • Installing, repairing and upgrading all kinds of split systems.
  • Wiring and electrical work throughout the house.

Why Choose a Split System?

A reverse cycle split system is a great way to stay cool in summer and warm in winter, which is extremely valuable considering Melbourne’s temperamental climate. It also offers you unlimited flexibility to cool down or warm up only one or two rooms at a time at specific temperatures, so you can customise your settings based on your needs. Modern technology has made them more energy-efficient, which means they keep your bills down while providing you with a comfortable indoor climate.

How to Choose the Right Split System for your Home?

Choosing the right air conditioner is vital because a unit that is too small may not adequately cool down the room and will have to work extra hard, while a unit that is too large will consume more electricity than needed. The right air conditioner not only maximises performance but also keeps energy consumption low.