Power Point Installation

Ramp Electrical can install and upgrade electrical power points in your Melbourne home. With the electrical demands of modern devices, older power points may simply not be adequate, which can end up tripping the circuit. Sometimes, if you buy or move into a new home, you may realise that the property does not have adequate power points, or they may not be in the most ideal locations.

We will come to your house and assess your power point needs before providing a solution.

Some of our services include –

  • Standard power point installation, repairs and upgrades
  • Special power points with USB connections
  • Upgrades from single to double or multi-power points
  • Adding more power points to the home
  • Safety tests for power points
  • Existing PowerPoint repairs

At Ramp Electrical, we will provide set pricing on your electrical PowerPoint installations, making sure there are no nasty surprises for you later. We can also advise on location and power requirements based on your specific needs.


Replace Your PowerPoint with a USB One for $99*

Downlight Change Overs From $40

Save $100 on All Switchboard Upgrades

Replace Your PowerPoint with a USB One for $99*

Why Do You Need New or Upgraded Power Points?

Older power points may not have the capacity to meet the needs of multiple devices at once. A faulty or overloaded power point can result in an electrical fire, which is a huge risk to you and your family. Our licensed electricians always follow the highest safety standards when installing or upgrading power points.